Cultural Requirements

Sounds like Social Sciences 101 and in a way it is.  What we are talking about is the relationship of plants, to soil, and sunlight and temperature.  When you buy a plant, tree or shrub they should come with a little tag which says sun, partial sun, partial shade, full shade and depending on the grower you will sometime find some information about soil preferences,  (well drained, drought tolerate, moist).  These are the cultural requirements of the plant and they are your key to choosing it’s optimum placement.  If you put a shade loving plant in a full sun location it may survive, but it is more likely to fry much like we sunburn. OUCH.  If you have a sun loving plant (often things that flower) and put it in partial shade, it just might have enough sunlight to live, but not enough to produce a bloom.  So read the tags or check on the internet and give a plant a happy home……..


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