How to Air-Condition Your Yard- REALLY!

Ever caught yourself gravitating towards the shade of a green leafy tree on a hot day like the ones we have had this past week? If you could choose the shade from say, a building or a tree, which one would you choose? Most of you would select the tree, but do you know why?

The truth is that all shade is not created equal! Trees actually cool the air by releasing water through their leaves much the way we sweat in a process called transpiration. As the leaves release the moisture it cools the air surrounding the tree. That coupled with blocking the sun physically with branches and leaves makes a big shady tree the happening spot to picnic or daydream through the dog days of summer. Fortunately for us when trees “sweat” it is a sweet, not smelly thing………..So when you are planning your garden make sure to include some shade trees to air-condition your yard. They have lots of other benefits as well, but that’s another story………


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Avid student of horticulture, active volunteer with the Horticultural Society, maker of beautiful garden spaces. I am now available for Garden Design services, custom planters, DIY consultations in Calgary and surrounding areas. Inquire at 403-837-9980 or

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