BeDazzle your Container Garden

Now that its mid summer some of you are noticing a rapid decline in the vigour, growth and blooming of your hanging pots and deck containers.  To answer my good friend Jen’s question as to why her potted pansies not only suffered but actually died here are the top two offenders:  pot size and lack of nutrients.  Most of the pre-planted pots you buy have long outgrown the pot and there is insufficient soil to hold enough water (and nutrients) to keep the plant healthy.  You may find that you are watering every day which leaches out what remaining nutrients there are in the pot.  When these plants are in the greenhouse, they are fertilized regularly which keeps the growth vigorous and the plant healthy. When we take our plants home, many forget or don’t realize that this plant is relying on you solely for its nutrients and if you don’t give them, there is no earth or Mother Nature to help them get it for themselves.  When re-potting (if necessary) use a moisture control mix that will retain water.  There are several out there to choose from.  Most fertilizers will recommend a weekly schedule but I find every two weeks works just fine.  What type of fertilizer you choose will depend on the plant (you might want one that stimulates blooming), but I find that a basic 20-20-20 keeps all systems green and growing.  Think of this as your daily multivitamin and nutrient supplement, you do better with yours and your plant will do better with its booster as well.  Is it possible to keep a container beautiful all summer?…………The answer is with a lil TLC, a resounding YES!  Here’s an inventive way to be-dazzle a garbage can……………..


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2 thoughts on “BeDazzle your Container Garden”

  1. Oh no! I starved my pansies. Thanks for the info, I’m going to get some food for the ones who are still managing to hang in there….

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