Get Ahead, with Dead-heading!

Its the middle of summer and your garden is looking F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!  But hey, don’t take all that gorgeousness for granted.  A little spa treatment here and there is required to keep those bloomers, well, blooming.  One of the easiest ways to do this is to “dead-head” any flowers that are spent.  The Yard Therapist thinks “manicure” sounds so much kinder,…….however, the fact remains that dead flowers just gotta go to keep your plant reblooming and healthy.

When a flower dies, (so sad) and remains on the plant energy is diverted from producing flowers to producing seeds instead.  Anyone growing roses, nasturtiums, iris, peonies  cannot fail but notice the seeds forming if not snipped.  On roses this is called the “hip” ….but that’s another story……   For all continuously blooming plants  that means the resources to produce profuse blossoms is being used in reproduction, in this case, seed formation.

Common zone 2-3 plants that benefit from dead-heading are roses, nasturtiums, osteopermums, coreopsis, and petunias which look especially ratty if not cleaned up regularly.  While you are manicuring, how bout a lil pedicure and get rid of any yellowing, dead, or dried leaves as well.  This encourages air circulation around the plant and inhibits disease or mold formation.

So, my gardening friends, get out your snips and get to it, your flowers will reward you for your attention.


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Avid student of horticulture, active volunteer with the Horticultural Society, maker of beautiful garden spaces. I am now available for Garden Design services, custom planters, DIY consultations in Calgary and surrounding areas. Inquire at 403-837-9980 or

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