Drip-lines (not the kind you hear at the bar or your cousins wedding)

What IS a drip line and why should you care?  The term drip line refers to the area surrounding a tree or shrub where water absorption is at its greatest potential, the farthest extension of its lateral roots.  Ever see your neighbor (who may or may not be a drip) in his bermuda shorts, socks and sandals mindlessly watering his tree trunks or maybe you have done this yourself?  Unfortunately naughty one, this is will not greatly benefit your tree and is a terrible waste of precious water.  A good way to gauge a drip line of any tree or shrub is to determine the farthest branch surrounding your tree.  The area below is a reasonable estimation of the drip line for that tree so water well and deeply to establish healthy roots (but that’s another story)….and know you are managing water resources wisely.


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