The Saskatoon Farm

ImageImageImageImageToday theyardtherapist rambled a little further south toward Okotoks, AB and stopped into The Saskatoon Farm for a little lunch and to pick up some fresh from the earth vegetables. I have been out many times this summer to sample the menu at the cafe and to purchase produce and neat little items from the gift shop which carries unique jewelry, art, kitchen gadgets, baking and so much more.  Today I toted my camera to take you along with me to enjoy the sights of a true working farm and garden center.  I have been fortunate to be able to ride horseback through the mountains of Utah and study up close the flora of the SW uplands as well as hike through botanical gardens from Halifax to Puerto Vallarta and then to Vancouver Island, but I have to say that nothing I have seen has diminished the beauty of the summer in the prairies this year.  The farm had the most stunning mass planting of Amaranthus caudatus (Love lies bleeding) I have ever seen.  Never one of my favorite plants in the past, they have managed to convince me that it is a new must-have in my garden.  The Saskatoon farm cafe is open year round and if you like buffalo, or would like to try it I recommend you try it here.  The farm features a buffalo jump (no longer in use of course) which offers you a pretty view to the river.  The vegetable stand is reasonably priced and the produce truly freshly picked at its peak.  I make a trip out at least once a week to get whatever is in season, the very best way to cook and to eat.  So join me for a little stroll around the farm and get out there yourself whenever you need a break from your day to day.  (Who doesn’t need that!).  Enjoy!Image


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4 thoughts on “The Saskatoon Farm”

  1. I had no idea all these great places were around Calgary when I was there. Who knew a place that only has 2 weeks of summer (sometimes felt like it anyway), could have such rustic, beautiful places you’ve profiled in the last couple of blogs. Loving all the pics.

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