The Journey is never long…if you enjoy yourself along the way……..

Yesterday theyardtherapist decided to study with the ultimate landscaper, nature.  I started off heading west out of Calgary until I reached Station Flats in Kananaskis Country.  Let me tell you friends, there was nothing flat about the 4 km hike through the sub-alpine terrain.   The day was warm and the sun bright.  Summer was still holding court and keeping autumn at bay.  In short, it was an ideal day to wander through the artless landscape and marvel at all there was to see.  I wondered if I would encounter any wildlife and was expecting anything from chipmunk to bear so you can imagine my surprise to come fact to face on the trail with a mother cow and her calf.  Knowing first hand the ferocity a mother will display in protecting her young I surrendered the trail and had a pleasant rest on a log until she and her little one passed.  Not at all what I expected on a hike in the mountains, but then, this IS Alberta!

When we reached the look-out elevation there was a strong wind rustling through the trees making a sweet, sighing sound.  It occurred to me how trees don’t brace themselves AGAINST the wind, but uses it instead to create a beautiful ballet full of movement and sound.  How many times have we been admonished to “brace ourselves?”  I think we have got it all wrong.  Having a turbulent time or two of my own I have to ask myself if it wouldn’t be a better choice to let the turbulence FLOW through you instead of fighting against it?  Could just make for and easier journey…………just sayin’…….

There was a lot going on in this serene setting once I began to really focus on my surroundings.  Come along with me as I hike the Diamond T trail.  I would love to share the day with you as we come  to appreciate the beauty and appeal of native plants.


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