Hola! The Botanical Gardens of Puerto Vallarta and Surrounding Areas

DestinationWhile the snow attires the prairies in garments of white, I surrender to the bliss of botanical ramblings in other locales. Revisiting these destinations are a reminder that green leaves and colourful blossoms are indeed occurring elsewhere, that the cycle of life is as it should be, and with rest comes renewal for all living organisms.  Although currently we may be enveloped in a blanket of white, in a few short months the soil will warm, seeds will burst forth with promise fulfilled. We will once again bask in the sun, surrounded by bounty.  At that time Mexico will experience it’s time of rest where the temperatures will dip and rain will fall with regularity. theyardtherapist-on the move For now, it is verdant and lush so let’s treat our senses to muy bonita Mexico and its colourful array of botanical species.Anthuriums

Visiting The Botanical Gardens of Puerto Vallarta is time well spent. My ramble was not long enough to satisfy and I am looking forward to visiting again this winter and lingering to my heart’s content.  The gardens are available for weddings, a more than viable contender for the beach weddings offered by the hotels.  The steps and floors of the main reception are composed of hand painted tiles commemorating each bride and groom with their names and wedding date.  Very charming indeed. The hibiscus tea is a refreshing treat after strolling the gardens.  xeriscapeOne and OnlySpanish Moss, Palm, Bouganvilla