Glendale Gardens- Learning and Loving

StumpedPottyBootsView to Eucalyptus

Nap time
Nap time

Just next door to the Butchart Gardens lies a little known gem, The Glendale Gardens and The Pacific Centre for Horticulture. The gardens are known for their dedication to education, offering a college dedicated to Horticulture professionals and Master Gardeners as well as workshops open to the public. I found out about the gardens while sourcing some courses to further my education. From year to year I see great progress and maturity in the developing landscape. The gardens are conceived and developed by their students and dedicated volunteers. There is nothing glossy or perfect about these gardens, they are work in progress and therein lies their appeal. For the avid gardener or horticulturist. The $11.00 admission fee is well worth the stroll through the various types of plantings. The Glendale Gardens reside in Oak Bay, just outside of Victoria, BC. I was in a bit of a hurry to catch my flight that morning and didn’t get nearly enough photos but here are a few tapas I thought were worth nibbling on………enjoy!















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