The Eye Beholds the Heart’s Desire

Fairy Lights
Fairy Lights

It’s been way to long.  Way to long to enjoy stillness, feeling the breath move through my body, to look, to see what my heart desires.  The summer is spent.  Spent with many hours figuring out how to manipulate nature, to create vistas that impress.  What hubris, to believe that man can out-create nature.  The comparison goes something like Disney World vs. The Grand Canyon, or The Venetian, Las Vegas to Venice.  It is not to say that man-made delights are not something to behold, but more effort should be spent in conserving the natural resources that we so often overlook or only give a passing glance to.  So much we consider insignificant, is nothing less than miraculous.  There is such abundance to feed upon, that it is incomprehensible to me why so many are less than satisfied every day.

On a gloriously sunny day this week, I was able to meander through River Park in Calgary, Alberta.  I had nothing specific in mind other than capturing some lovely photos of a spectacular fall day.  Camera in hand,  face towards the sun, I headed down the riverbank to the water, a beacon that seems to always be calling me home.

Only a few short weeks ago, this same river, flowing ever so gracefully, wrought havoc, and in some cases utter destruction, upon our city.  I had spent many a day on reclamation sites over the summer that proved irrevocably that nature rules, and when does so, man and his self- made glories do not stand a glimmer of a chance of coming through unscathed.

As I continued down towards the river, I paid particular attention to how the indigenous aspects of the site fared during recent events. Mother Nature Rules! Designers take note…….everything that appears to be random, is a perfectly placed specimen, chosen for survival and living in symbiotic harmony with it’s neighbors. Nothing cute here. Striking, Bold, Strong enough to survive a raging river, and yes, enchanting. This is the REAL deal. Grasses and junipers creating an erosion proof mat, second to none. Although the trees took a bit of a hit, they are still growing, their lower chakras exposed, to any and all who care to view, unashamed of showing their stark beauty and incredible strength.

The man-made foot bridge, did not survive.

If you would like to visit River Park, there are three entrances. Downtown, Britannia, and Marda Loop. If you don’t live in Calgary, and don’t plan a visit, I invite you to walk alongside me, and see what I see……………..


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2 thoughts on “The Eye Beholds the Heart’s Desire”

    1. Yes, it was crazy! It did serve the purpose to steer me into conservation and public spaces, as opposed to suburban yard design. I am fortunate to live in a City that values public conservation spaces, and there are many in which to work. Have you given any more thought to a visit?

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