What to Expect, When you are Expecting………Spring!

I am expecting again. It is mid-March and I am expecting… Spring! I am so done with blowing snow, heart-pounding drives across the icy city streets, and even the pleasant cocooning indoors with a bottle of wine, home-made soup, and games nights with family and friends. I want to be OUTSIDE, smelling freshly cut grass, feeling the soft caress of a warm breeze, and the lazy sounds of bees burrowing into the riotous blossoms in my garden. I can smell BBQ, and see the smoke rising from the grill as I invariably burn something…….. A slightly burnt BBQ steak would be like manna from Heaven right about now. I have learned that spring never gently creeps upon us on the prairies. Sometimes, it never drops by at all, and we dive headlong into summer overnight. That being the case, what does a gardener do when the doldrums strike, and spring feels like it will never arrive?
Plan. Dream. Start seeds indoors. Go to Garden Shows. Visit Garden Centers.

Last week I went to Sunnyside Garden Centre in NW Calgary, to check out the trends for 2014. I was not disappointed! I recommend you start to build your basic themes and colour palettes now, because it is the BIG box of Crayola’s this year. With so many colours, hues, textures, and themes to choose from, time will be needed to determine which way you want to go. From natural woods to shiny Kool-Aid, it is all there. Romantic, check. Modern, check. Classic, check. Whimsical, likewise, check. I have lots of pictures to share with you! Two of the most exciting trends are the lighted planters and the fire pit tables.

lighted planter
lighted planter
Fire table
Fire table

When it comes to planters, anything goes……hundreds of colours and sizes available.??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Check out these whimsical additions to your garden:Neat things.......Butterfly TableBirdbathPretty Glass Garden Globes
Fun and funky storage:Personalise your storagePersonal Favorite!

If you are a local, plan on attending the Calgary Horticultural Society’s annual Garden Show, held at Spruce Meadows, April 12-13. With over 50 exhibitors, free activities, and the Blue Flame Kitchen demonstrating what to make out of all those lovely, organic vegetables you are going to harvest this fall, this is a can’t miss event. To learn more about the Garden Show or purchase tickets online, visit http://www.calhort.org. Better yet, become a member and enjoy discounts and expert advice regarding all things horticultural. It is amazing what you can grow in the Chinook zone when you know how!

Start your seeds indoors. While at Sunnyside, I checked out all the seed starting products. You can’t fail, whatever level your expertise, as they have everything to ensure success. Take a look:Heat accelerator matsnew beginningsFour Easy StepsOld School